Vacant positions

Do you want to help Griffith LSA provide important opportunities for students to be involved with other students, the profession, other law schools and legal competitions? We currently have two open vacancies on our Committee. If you’re interested in filling one of these positions, please complete an application now!

We’re looking for an—

  • Internal Education Officer
  • Assistant Law Revue Director

Please read the relevant position description before applying. You can find the descriptions in the Positions (Office Descriptions) Bylaw.

Please download the application form and complete it. You may return it in person at the Griffith LSA office in G36 2.53 or you may return it electronically. If you wish to return the form electronically and are using your web browser to fill the form, do not use the save function when you have finished filling the form as this will not save the data you have entered. Instead, press File -> Print and use a “Save as PDF” option. In Google Chrome you can do this by changing the “Destination” to “Save as PDF”.

To ensure that applications are considered solely on merit, the Executive will be conducting blind appointment. Before your application is considered by the Executive it will have your personally-identifying information redacted by the Vice-President (Administration).

If you experience any problems while filling the application form or if you have any queries about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Jamie Impson, the Vice-President (Administration), at