Griffith LSA facilitates a mentoring program for all current law students! All interested first year law students have the chance to get some insider tips into navigating through law school from an older student! And all 2nd year + law students, who are able to spare some time to make a big difference to a first year’s law school experience, are highly encouraged to sign up!

Benefits for Mentees

  • Get insider tips from a law student, who has ‘been there, done that!’
  • Any question you may have about anything law school related – your mentor can help you!
  • Get the chance to talk to someone who really understands what your concerns are, and can help you get through them.
  • You get to really widen your friendship circle.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Remember how you started law school? And remember all those troubles you had, and how you wished someone could just tell you things how it is… The Griffith LSA Mentoring program gives you the chance to truly help out another law student.
  • Employers value seeing candidates who give back to the community and show genuine compassion and empathy towards others. The Griffith LSA mentoring program is a perfect way to demonstrate your altruistic side just in time for clerkship/graduate job applications!
  • Help a homie out! Seriously, your advice, friendship and attention could really mean the world to someone who needs it.

Please note, participants on the Griffith LSA mentoring program must be academic members of the Griffith LSA ($15 membership). Mentors will be provided with a mentor factsheet, various resources as well as consistent and confidential support from Griffith LSA representatives. Mentors and Mentees will receive constant support from the Griffith LSA representatives in the unlikely event that anything occurs.

Stay posted for all information about the mentoring program.