This competition provides an opportunity for students to try their hand at what is fast becoming the most popular means of dispute resolution available to lawyers. It is, on the whole, an exercise in diplomacy, rewarding not those who employ autocratic means of achieving the best possible outcome, but those who are most sensitive to the wishes of the party they are representing.

The Open Negotiation this year was sponsored by:

Clayton Utz

This year pitted minor state against corporation with the setting being a disastrous oil spill. What happens when a corporation causes such a natural disaster which destroys ecology and economy alike? It’s up to the state to seek compensation, determine criminal charges and overall ensure their fishing industry reliant people can stay alive. Our finalists gave us a fantastic negotiation. Full of dodging and weaving, hard questions, harder answers and many creative solutions the negotiation finally revealed our winners to be:


Jean Fischer and Amy Hohns

Runner Ups:

Nicholas Rossi and Christopher Korbel

Jean and Amy will now go on to represent Griffith University (Gold Coast) in Hobart, Tasmania at the Australian Law Student’s Association conference. They will negotiate against Universities from all over Australia and New Zealand to determine who is the best negotiator in our great southern lands. Wishing them luck!