Mooting, aside from being the most prestigious of the legal skills competitions on offer, is also the most involving. Students have the privilege of imitating their favourite advocate (Atticus Finch? Cleaver Greene? Lionel Hutz?) and living out their ultimate courtroom fantasies, presenting legal arguments, both written and oral, before a distinguished judge or, if they are fortunate, panel of judges.

Our Grand Final moot pitted an upcoming music star against a multi-million dollar record company. Our teams were brought back to earth in what was billed as a simple misleading and deceptive conduct claim but which turned into a battle between the use of iTunes accounts and a simple block colour (Cadbury eat your heart out!). Is there a duty to distinguish? What about correcting the publics misunderstandings? How can a new artist take on a multi-million dollar record company and succeed? Our finalists put in a lot of work to reach the Grand Final and just as much work again to answer these questions in front Supreme Court Justice Justice Applegarth, Barrister Susan Downes and Deputy-Head of Griffith Law School Therese Wilson. Our judges praised each competitor on their performances and ultimately awarded the accolades as follows:


Hazal Gacka and Alexandra Jule

Runner Ups:

Benita Richmond and Brianna Finnegan

A special congratulations to Hazal Gacka for being awarded Best Speaker by our judges.

Hazal and Alex will now go on to represent Griffith (Gold Coast) in Hobart, Tasmania at the Australian Law Student’s Association Championship Moot competition. They will compete against Universities all around Australia and New Zealand in this prestigious competition. Wish them luck!