Mooting, aside from being the most prestigious of the legal skills competitions on offer, is also the most involving. Students have the privilege of imitating their favourite advocate (Atticus Finch? Cleaver Greene? Lionel Hutz?) and living out their ultimate courtroom fantasies, presenting legal arguments, both written and oral, before a distinguished judge or, if they are fortunate, panel of judges.

The Junior Moot this year will be sponsored by:


For Inexperienced Competitors:

The Complete Guide to Mooting is provided here as part of the College of Law Practical Legal Skills Guide, designed to assist students to better understand the various nuances of the competition.

Relevant Criteria:

The criteria on which competitors are assessed can be accessed here.

Written Submissions:

A sample template for written submissions is provided here.

Whilst competitors are not required to follow this to the letter, the template provides a helpful guide as to how submissions should be set out.