Interviewing, while on the surface may appear relatively simple, is an exceedingly difficult skill to master, calling for the strictest of professionalism and the upmost of tact. It is paramount in the legal profession, undertaken by solicitors on a daily basis. Competitors are required to uncover as much information from their client as possible within the space of time afforded them, while also being sympathetic to said client’s needs, expectations and concerns.

The Open Client Interview this year is sponsored by:

Logo The 2015 Maurice Blackburn Client Interviewing Grand Final was held  on Wednesday 11 May 2016 at Maurice Blackburn (Brisbane). An amazing turnout coupled with amazing show to create a night full of laughter and skill on show! A big thank you to our sponsor – Maurice Blackburn – for supporting the Open Client Interview competition and providing us with a fantastic venue, amazing judges and audience members for the grand final.

Both teams fought bravely against contradictory and difficult clients. This years competitors had to deal with an angry and demeaning father trying to secretly push the blame onto his daughter. He would lie and wheedle his way around questions to try and avoid our finalists learning that he was as much to blame as his daughter. The daughter played by Grace Norris and the father played by Paul Weaver gave our finalists the most difficult challenge they could and each finalist rose to the challenge beautifully.

The results were as follows:


Josh Robinson and Laura Noon

Runner Ups:

Jean Fischer and Amy Hohns

Josh and Laura will now be sponsored to represent Griffith University (Gold Coast) in Hobart, Tasmania at the Australia Law Students’ Association national rounds. They will battle with University’s from all around Australia and New Zealand. Wish them luck!