On Friday, March 14 at 12:00pm we held our Clerkship Seminar.

People came to hear about getting a clerkship, the importance of them and the experiences one has during them.

The Griffith LSA has conducted clerkship seminars before. Sponsored by firms and associations they were detailed and they covered the various firms involved as well as the application process. A perfect base for the curious student.

Friday however, was the perfect chance to hear all the gritty details. This time straight from the horses mouths. Or in this case, straight from the mouths of Matt Evans, Ken Ishiwatari and Alex Choi learnt during their combined total seven clerkships.

The common theme seen throughout the discussion was be careful, be meticulous, but don’t be afraid. Get out there, get involved and remember that clerkships are not for superhumans, they are for students.

For those who couldn’t make it, those still unsure and those who had wool in their ears never fear there is another chance to hear from the horses’ mouths coming in Semester 2.