The College of Law provides education and training for lawyers from pre-admission to postgraduate law programs, as well as continuing professional development courses. We are the largest provider of practical legal training in Australasia.

The College of Law is an independent educational and training organisation, focussed on equipping law students and graduates with the necessary skills and learning to enter practice, and lawyers to develop their ongoing professional skills.

If you’re intending to practise law in Australia, you’ll need to undertake approved legal training first. Most Australian law graduates choose The College of Law for their practical legal training. Our accredited higher education programs across the country entitle graduates to receive the highly regarded Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Practical Legal Training Programs

Wondering where to do your Practical Legal Training (PLT)? Here are 10 reasons to choose The College of Law:

  • We are the leading provider of PLT in Australia and New Zealand.The College of Law’sGraduate Diploma of Legal Practice is recognised as the national standard for practical legal training in Australia.
  • We are national but local – we’ve invested in campuses and staff who are locally based so we know the local profession and the law.
  • Most of Australia’s top national firms use the College to train their graduates knowing the training will be professional, consistent and of a high standard.
  • Our lecturers are dedicated to your learning experience and are experienced practitioners who are there to offer support and guidance.
  • We offer you multiple start dates through the year to fit your personal commitments and you can choose between full-time and part-time. We do not have enrolment limits.
  • Assessment is individually-based – there are no group assessments.
  • We offer two work experience options to suit your particular circumstances.
  • Only the College includes a tailored module addressing mental health issues in the legal profession – Resilience and Well-being for Lawyers
  • Graduates of the College’s PLT program automatically receive credit for two elective subjectsin the College’s Master of Applied Law programs
  • A set of comprehensive Practice Papers is included in the fee; many of  our graduates refer back to these in their early years of practice.

Continuing Professional education

The Continuing Professional Education Component (CPE) of the Practical Legal Training Program introduces you to the concept of continuing legal professional development and is related to the Work Experience Component.

The CPE Component comprises:

  • 10 hours of continuing legal education seminars to be completed either during or within 12 months of completion of the Coursework Component. These can be undertaken with the College or any other CLE provider, and
  • for students undertaking 75 days of work experience, a journal to be completed either during or within 20 weeks of completion of your Work Experience Component.

For students undertaking 25 days of work experience and intending to enrol in the Clinical Experience Module, there is no requirement to keep and submit a journal because equivalent activities are included in the module.

About the Work Experience Component

The Work Experience Component of the Practical Legal Training Program gives you the opportunity to gain insight into working in the legal profession. It will help you:

  • experience the delivery of legal services in a real-world context
  • apply your knowledge and skills to real-life problems
  • experience a legal office environment
  • understand the importance of clear communication, identification of clients’ problems and effective and efficient advice

The Work Experience Rules provide that the work experience:

  • must occur in the delivery of legal services
  • must be under the supervision of an appropriate supervisor
  • may be undertaken in one placement or may be made up of multiple placements
  • may, in some circumstances, include experience undertaken as an undergraduate (but such experience cannot be used to satisfy the whole of the 75 day placement).

To complete the Work Experience Component, you may choose from two options:

Option 1 – 75 days of work experience

This option is designed for students who have a placement(s) for the required 75 days. It encompasses the situation where you have already gained lengthy legal work experience prior to enrolment.  Subject to the Work Experience Rules, work experience may be undertaken before or after your coursework, or during your coursework if you are enrolled in a part-time course.

Option 2 – 25 days of work experience plus the Clinical Experience Module

The Clinical Experience Module is designed for students who might find it difficult to undertake 75 days of appropriate work experience. This may be due to your personal circumstances such as location or commitment to non-legal work in order to support yourself and/or your family or there may be other reasons. Note that the Clinical Experience Module attracts an additional fee.